Alisdair Tait

Puerto Williams: Chile. <br />
<br />
The most Southerly town in the world. We met Pelagic Australis here before setting off around Cape Horn and on to the Falklands, the Southern Ocean and Cape Town.
Sunrise at Puerto Williams. Pelagic Australis is middle right of the picture.
The weather was stunning. Sunny and bright. It never rained  or snowed once in the two weeks spent at the Cape Horn archipelago.<br />
<br />
The church with early morning fog rising up from the sound behind Puerto Williams.
Harris Hawk
Wreck in the Beagle Channel. I am told it was carrying a cargo of bibles.
Heading due South for Cape Horn with the Beagle Channel on the horizon behind us.
Sunset heading South to Cape Horn. Deception Island in view.
Cape Horn. A gentle day with the winds out the West of 20kts.
The Cape Horn Memoria. In memory of the men of the sea that lost their lives fighting against the merciless forces of nature of the Southern Ocean that prevail in the vicinity of the legendary Cape Horn.
Slamming into a steep sea heading west from Port Stanley to the western edge of the Falklands.
Sunset North of the Falklands, heading West
West End, Falkland Islands
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
A storm brewing. It blew 60kts that night and in a sea of mountains we were knocked down. No damage to the boat or the crew, however the strawberry jam, and the marmite got mixed up on the floor of the saloon...
The Wandering Albatross. Birds were a constant companion.
Tristan da Cunha. The weather was sadly too rough to land. A glancing blow on this vast isolated volcano.
Sunset on a boistrous sea. A week out from Cape Town.
A fast broad reach, one day out of Tristan Da Cunha