This one took me ages to catch. I knew it was there, I just had to wait for it. On pushback, starting engines, a line of 747-400s at T5 LHR
27R Heathrow. One waiting for takeoff at the intersection
Boeing 777 rear end
Look at that wingspan!
Boston. Sunset through the fans of an RB211
In the queue for 27L at Heathrow
Cape Town. RB211-524
Thrust levers...
Trim switches and disconnect button. Two switches... one to arm and one to send the message,
Overhead Panel
I liked the angles the bits and bobs make
The 747 gets the day off in Rio. The blankets are an attempt to keep the temperature on the Flight Deck down. It fails to work. The 747-400 Flight Deck is boiling on a hot sunny day. The air con is not up to the job on the ground.
In line at night. Heathrow
Refelctions in the windows of Terminal Five. Heathrow
Terminal Four: Heathrow
Flight Deck: 747-436
Thunderstorms at dawn over Africa
Between layers, climbing up from Washington
Bogda Feng is the highest mountain in the eastern Tien Shan mountain range: China, at 5,445 m (17,864 ft).
Before you invade Afghanistan, look at it first
Greenland at dawn
Longhaul flying in one picture
The Hindu Kush at dawn
Greenland at dawn.
Late afternoon over Northern Brasil
Sunset, mid-Atlantic
The island of Barra in th Outer Hebrides, Scotland. See that beach... the big one... I used to land on it in a Loganair Twin Otter
Northern Russia
Dawn over the Atlantic
Salt pans on the approach to San Francisco
Rule of thirds over the Atlantic
Sunset over Australia
Sunrise over the Atlantic. A contrail of another Jumbo that we had just spent the night with.
Sunrise on descent into Mauritius. A layer obscures the sun, lighting up the edges.
Sunrise on my last day flying the 747-400